How To Play iOS Games On PC/Computer (Full Tutorial)

The Applications in Android platform are groundbreaking and covers almost everything known to mankind If you’re an Android users, then you should know that how privileged you’re because in the world of Applications Android is the real king. But today we are concentrated on something different. We are talking about iPhone and iPad Apps which doesn’t cover as much as Android, but still, there are some great Apps available in iOS which cannot be avoided at all. But there is a big hurdle called money.

As we all know that Apple products are very expensive so as their Applications. Thus, affording them becomes unimaginable. But what if I tell you that I’ve got a way from which you can use iPhone and apps on your PC/laptop. There is a simple method from all this is going to be possible

So, in this article, we’re focusing that how you can run iPhone and iPad apps on your PC/laptop? If you’ve heard about that before, then you may think that we’re going to use Emulators for that purpose and you’re quite right on that. The name of the emulator is ipadian.

iPadian is an amazing emulator. When you install ipadian on your PC, it will start looking like an iPad screen. However, you will face some interface issues since iPad is designed for the touch interface and you will use the iPadian from your keyboard and mouse of your desktop. Pressing keyboard buttons will lead to your way but the mouse can little messy.

Besides, there are also lots of benefits which comes with iPadian. It offers you a whole package of different products like an email client, a web browser, iPhone-like environment, social networking websites, music, Apps, photos and much more. The installation process is also smooth, and it works with Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X and Linux.

So, below I have mentioned the steps you need to follow to run iOS games on your PC/laptop

Steps to run iOS games on your PC/laptop –

  1. First of all, Download and install iPadian Application. It is sized just 5 MB. You can easily download it from below link.

Download iPadian

Source – PCAdvisor

2. Once the installation is completed on your computer, you will see a full-screen mode. All the Application like calculator, music, mail photos, App store and Safari browser will be visible.

3. Now, we are going to learn that how we can operate the ipadian perfectly. In the desktop, you can see all the applications. If you want to open them, then you have to just click on them by your mouse, or you can also use Enter Button from your Keyboard. If you want to close them you can simply click on close (X) Button.

4. Now, on the desktop you will see the option of ipadian, then a screen will be opened, and there you will find an option called App Store.

5. Once you click on that option, you will find all the Apps and games available in the App store. Click on your desired Application, and it will be downloaded.

6. The Downloaded Application can be found on the desktop only. Whenever you have to open it, you have to just simply to click on it and it will start working.

So, that was the whole method from which you can easily run iPhone and iPad apps on your PC/laptop. As you’ve already gone through it, the method is very simple, and you don’t have to think much while installing and operating the Application. Some Antivirus Softwares will try to warn you suggestion iPadian as a malware but don’t have to worry about that then simply click on Download and proceed as shown in the steps.

Although, There a large number of Applications which are available in the iPadian store itself, but the problem is that the most of them are restricted. For instance, you can the games category, in that category hardly you will find 8 or 10 games which are basically available.

Why is it needful?

Well, you may have asked this question to yourself that if you’ve already had the whole package of Android Applications then why you have to work so hard to use iOS games. You are right at your point, but just think about it, you can use all the iOS Apps and games which are easily available for anyone (Though, you’re ready to pay some money). The iPadian Application is making everything possible for you and all that in free.

Some of the iOS Application are completely out of the world and even better than Android. So, you using iPadian to use those Applications on your PC and laptop do makes a lot of sense.

The value of money –

If you’re making a list of expensive things then, Apple products will be surely in your top 5. Those products are super expensive, and nothing comes for cheap price, forget about getting anything in free from Apple. That’s the main factor that makes iPadian very handy.

Using the Application, you can Download these iPhone and iPad Applications and games which cost tons of bucks in the real App store in free. I know it doesn’t offer you everything which is available in App store, but still, something is better than nothing.

Final Verdict –

Finally, I need to tell that the method can be the life savior for you to use your dream Applications and games, which were impossible to use before the arrival of iPadian. In addition, iPadian is best for the purpose. You may also bump into many other Applications with the same kind of features but, as I have personally tried some of them, they doesn’t  seem to be working properly, and there were lots of issues with the operations. The problem I earlier told you about keyboard and mouse issue, that was more relevant to other Applications.

Hence, were my views and ideas to run iOS apps and games  on your PC/laptop. If you find any other method better than this then please share it in the comment section and all the questions are also welcomed there.

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