Top 100 Free Proxy Server List 2017 (New Proxy Sites)

Almost everywhere there is a problem running around called blocked websites. There are many places where normal citizens are not permitted to access some websites and even the countries having friendly Internet policies are facing this issue but up to a limited extent. Although, in the corporate world, schools, collages and in many public places some websites are banned for a variety of reasons, but here we need a solution to the problem, anyway from which we can access those blocked websites.

Well, guys, I must tell you that there is a solution and that solution is a Proxy Website. A proxy website is used when someone wants to access any blocked website. The working of any proxy website is very simple you have to do is search the URL of the website you need to access and it’s done, your URL will open immediately.

But, you should also keep in mind that not all proxy websites are safe your personal information. Many proxy websites have an illegal access on your personal information. So, always chose carefully. My suggestion would be to always go through the terms and conditions of the website before signing up. At that, you come with something wrong then leave the website immediately and never try to use it.

Choosing right proxy server is a difficult task, so, to make it easy I have brought a list for you containing 100 proxy websites which are completely safe and will let you access any blocked website without any hassle.

Top 85 Proxy Sites –

  1. Unlock My Web –
  2. Hide My Ass –
  3. Vobas –
  4. Don’t Filter –
  5. Unblock YouTube Free –
  6. Free YouTube –
  7. DZ Hot –
  8. FreeProxy –
  9. PRO Unblock –
  10. America Proxy –
  11. PK Proxy –
  12. Xite Now –
  13. Intern Cloud –
  14. Fish Proxy –
  15. See Proxy –
  16. Zalmos –
  17. kProxy Site –
  18. Working Proxy –
  19. 4everproxy –
  20. Hide The Internet –
  21. Work Host –
  22. Hope Proxy –
  23. Hide N Seek –
  24. Orange Proxy –
  25. Korea Proxy –
  26. Brazil Proxy –
  27. 1FreeProxy –
  28. YouTube Unblock Proxy –
  29. Zfreez –
  30. AnonyMizer –
  31. New Ip Now –
  32. Quickproxy –
  33. Defilter –
  34. Can’t Block This –
  35. Hiding Your Info –
  36. CA Proxies –
  37. PRO Intern –
  38. VPN Browse –
  39. Saoudi Proxy –
  40. Extreme Proxy –
  41. Fast School Proxy –
  42. –
  43. Don’t Filter –
  44. Greatest Free Proxy –
  45. Crazy Proxy –
  46. IP Switcher –
  47. Ninja Cloak –
  48. Proxay –
  49. PRO Unblock –
  50. Kr Proxy –
  51. PHP Proxy –
  52. Xite Now –
  53. Work Host –
  54. Travel VPN –
  55. Rexoss –
  56. Hide IP Proxy –
  57. Free Publick Proxy –
  58. Singapore Proxy –
  59. Web Surf –
  60. Vtunnel –
  61. Free Open Proxy –
  62. Working Proxy –
  63. Cool Proxy –
  64. BlewPass –
  65. Singapore Proxy –
  66. Push Proxy –
  67. Hidden Digital –
  68. Intern Cloud –
  69. Suede Proxy –
  70. IP Switcher –
  71. Mega Proxy –
  72. World Cup Proxy –
  73. UK – Proxy –
  74. DeFilter –
  75. Monster Proxy –
  76. Hide The Internet –
  77. Web Proxy Free –
  78. Network Bypass –
  79. Me Hide –
  80. Safe Proxy –
  81. Private Surf –
  82. Stealth Proxy –
  83. Just Unblock It –

So, thus, was my list of 85 best Proxy websites to unblock the blocked websites.

Using all those websites you can surf any blocked websites and that also being anonymous. Whichever the website and the place it doesn’t matter your work will be done. The list which I have mentioned above is a mix of many good SSL proxy, proxy server list, web proxies and reverse proxy. In addition, please note down that not all proxy websites are free from malware, virus and other threats so please be careful on this.

Interestingly, there is something else then proxy which is called reverse proxy. it also plays a crucial role It acts as a mediator between you and the associated servers and retrieves all the confirmation, then, only returns information provided by those associated servers. So, it also plays a crucial role.

Now, you may be thinking that what’s the use of all this? As I told, that it does a very crucial job, it boosts performance by removing malware, virus, and by using some other techniques like compressing the resulting pages, which also leads the increase in the speed

Moreover, this proves that a proxy website if used properly following all the precautions can become very handy to access any unblocked website.

Other Then Proxy Websites –

As the goal of the article was to unblock the blocked website. I have got another way called VPN from which it’s going to be possible. So, let’s have a quick look to that also. VPN stands for Virtual Private network, it can also help you to unblock blocked website being anonymous simultaneously. So, how it works? The working is very simple, it creates a virtual tunnel between the user and the website which is being accessed. The tunnel hides the data completely so, it can’t be accessed by anyone else.

Which means it lets you access the blocked website being anonymous and it also keeps your information safe and secure. After proxy websites VPN is called the best way to unblock blocked websites. To apply a VPN you will need a good VPN which is very easy to find, you will get loads of good VPNs on Google.

So, the reason I included in this article was to give you guys a second option other the proxy to get the work done. You can both the methods and I’m pretty damn sure that you’ll succeed

Final Verdict –

Finally, I assure all you guys that all the websites are completely working and will definitely help you to access any blocked website. Please take care od the virus problem, although it won’t hurt you if you are using the website mentioned in the list. Moreover, please go through the terms and conditions of the websites before using them so, you should be are that what’s actually happening with you.

Thus, was my thoughts and views on Proxy website list. Kindly comment your questions and suggestion the comment section.

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