How To Unblock Blocked Websites (9 Different Methods)

Often we are not able to access some websites because of some restrictions on ISPs and servers. That mostly happens in schools, colleges, workplaces and some public places also. Most of the time the restriction is valid depending on the conditions of the particular premises and sometimes some restrictions take place because of the country-wide issue and controversies, which can’t be avoided either.

The issue is lame or valid doesn’t matter at that point. Though the problem is immense but the restrictions has also some loopholes which can be passed through. We just have find them and then we can access the websites Here we have some cool methods from you will be able to access blocked websites without any further consequences.

Below I have mentioned the ways from which you can access any blocked websites.

1. Become anonymous –

From being anonymous I mean to say that you have to use a proxy website to access any blocked website. Being anonymous is one of the safest and easiest ways to access blocked websites without any further issues. If you’re in a situation like in your office or your collage where certain websites are being blocked for many unimaginable reasons, at that time proxy website can become your savior.

A proxy website becomes a mediator between you and the restricted website. The proxy website actually duplicates the website from the ISPs, so you can access the blocked website. Finding a proxy website is a tough task, you have to just google it and you will may suitable options.

2. VPN –

VPN is an abbreviation of Virtual private network. Using VPN is already popular for accessing blocked websites. You can connect your device to a secure connection to another network to access the blocked website. VPN is known to fluctuate your location per your needs, so if any particular website is blocked in your whole country you can access by accessing with any other country’s ISP.

What VPN actually does? VPN creates a virtual tunnel between the user and the website, so the data can’t be recognized, it is actually converted into silly, unreadable codes which are impossible to understand. There are may VPNs available across the Internet which are free and chargeable. It depends on you that which one you prefer.

3. Changing the URL –

This method is also widely known for accessing blocked websites. It’s very difficult if to access any blocked website if it is encrypted by any VPN or an encrypted server, in that scenario changing the URL can be very handy. You have to follow some simple steps which are mentioned below.

Steps –

  1. Click on the address bar of your browser.
  2. Instead of typing or, do it

This is very simple but very interesting at the same time. Once you will type the new URL you will receive a security pop-up, then you have to simply click on proceed anyway option and the website will be unblocked for you to access it.

4. Google translate –

This seems very simple but very tricky at the same time. Because the Google translate service is often not banned in countries even having strict internet regulations. So you can simply change the language to any other language you know. The translating language process can come very handy and you can unblock the restricted website.

5. Cached version –

Each and every website in this world has their own cached version which is created by default. Same goes blocked website irrespective of the country where it was formed. All you have to do is search for your desired website which is blocked and can’t be accessed normally, once you do that you will find its cached version as shown in the above image. You have to just click on that link and the website will open. This method won’t take much of your precious time.

6. Shortening the URL –

Shortening URL of the blocked website can be a very simple way to access your desired website. You can use tools like Google URL shortener or any other URL shortener tool. The trick is that the link will change because it will get shortened, so you can get access to your desired blocked website. But the problem with this method is that does not always works, still trying it can be a good choice.

7. Using IP instead of URL –

Here, for this method, we’re going to take help of command prompt. We have to use the IP address of the website which is blocked. We have to type in command prompt. Having said that, I also need to mention that the blocked website’s IP is hidden then this method will not work.

To open the command prompt you have to type a shortcut key (Windows +R). Once the command prompt window is open, then you have to type “ping” and press enter. Then an IP address will appear. You need to copy the IP to your desired web browser and then press Enter.

So, thus was the seven method I believe are the best to access any blocked website. On the Internet you will find many other ways to do the task and I’m not saying they’re are not working but for as my knowledge is concerned the above-mentioned seven was are simply best.

Final Words –

Finally, I have to say that necessarily not every method is which is mentioned above will work, because that depends on many different factors, but if you will try to use multiple methods then you will definitely succeed. In addition, no method in the list is very complicated to be applied if you will follow the above provided instructions properly then you won’t face any problem in accessing any method. But this is for sure that all the methods are definitely working.

So, thus was my thoughts and views on unblocking blocked websites. If you have any questions or suggestions related to the article, then kindly comment then in the comment section.

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